Cross-Strait Agricultural Cooperation: Directions and Strategies


Author:Jiun-Mei Tien and Yu-Liang Tuan




This book aims at exploring the importance and emergence of solving the current problem of “agriculture, rural areas and peasantry” (the “three-rural” issue) in China. Since cross-strait tensions are greatly reduced through the talks between the Straits Exchange Foundation and China's Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Strait (SEF-ARATS talks), Taiwan is trying to search for the new opportunities for her agricultural development after cross-strait agreements being signed, and to bring about a new phase of opening up new opportunities for mutual benefits in the future cross-strait agricultural exchange.
This book consists of four parts. Firstly, it focuses on the trends for current China’s agricultural development and cross-strait dialogue. Secondly, it pays attention to the stages of Cross-Strait Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement, the future interaction relations on cross-strait agricultural cooperation. Thirdly, it stresses the importance for the Taiwan’s agricultural development experience and relevance to China’s agricultural policies. Lastly, it reviews and analyzes the Taiwan’s agricultural policies which face severe competition and enormous opportunities of globalization, and then put forward cross-strait agricultural cooperation strategies.

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Cross-Strait Agricultural Cooperation: Directions and Strategies