2018年WTO及RTA國際研討會:全球化與多邊貿易組織的前景與挑戰 2018 WTO & RTA International Conference: The Prospects and Challenges of Globalization and Multilateral Trade Organization


  Since 2016, international economic environment has become less predictable because of the rise in protectionist trade policies, which creates uncertainties for the future of globalization and economic integrations in the global community. The United States, which used to advocate the multilateral trading system and trade liberalization, now steers its way toward unilateralism, and gives more weight to fair trade than free trade. Besides withdrawing from the TPP and embracing bilateral agreements, the United States also contested the efficacy of WTO system at the 11th WTO Ministerial Conference, held in Argentina last year. In the meantime, the global economic integrations that are driven by technological developments, would keep on moving. Yet, the structures and the formations of the integrations may be significantly different with the help of Industry 4.0. Under such circumstances, the Taiwan WTO & RTA Center chooses “the Prospects and Challenges of Globalization and Multilateral Trading Organization” as the conference topic, in hopes of increasing the public understanding of the latest international trading issues and future developments.


時  間:2018年10月26日(五)10:30-12:15
地  點:臺北國際會議中心201DE會議室(台北市信義路五段1號) [交通資訊]


Organized by:Taiwan WTO & RTA Center, CIER; Taiwan Coalition of Service Industries
Supported by:Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA; MOFA
Date:October 26, 2018 (Friday) 10:30-12:15
Venue:Room 201DE, Taipei International Convention Center (1 Hsin-Yi Road,Section 5,Taipei) [Transportation]






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